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​Testimonials From Individual Coaching

What do others say about Career Happiness Coach's  individual coaching and and training workshops? Here is just some feedback and testimonials I have received on how my sessions have helped both individuals and organizations.   Career Happiness Coaching inspires, informs and invigorates. 

​Testimonials From Training

​​"You have an incredible knack at getting to know your clients so well that you can encapsulate their strengths

better than they can in a single sentence or two." - Ben H.

​"Thank you so much for helping me navigate my way back to a path I'd long wanted to pursue." - Michelle S.

"Our career coaching session was by far the best thing I have ever done for my career.  From your personalized feedback, to your very useful tips and advice, I feel much more equipped to begin my renewed job search!" - Tiffany O. 

"I wanted to let you know that I felt very motivated to work on my resume after going over it with you...which is definitely a first for me!  - Sarah Maria H.

"You are so much more than a career coach -- you guide clients through their exploration by providing them the tools and guidance to work through underlying issues holding them back from career happiness (or just happiness in general)." - Sandi H.

​​"I have seen a lot of training in my life, but rarely have I seen someone who teaches what they authentically live as well as you!"
- Kathleen D.

"Thank you again for an amazing lecture!  I cannot tell you enough how useful everything was. I appreciate your teaching style and your insight into applying positive psychology into the working world. There aren't enough professors or coaches like you out there!"

- Rachel C.

"I heard SO MANY positive comments that you were the perfect keynote to kick off our conference - really set the right tone for everything."  - Debra Franke, Alumni Career Programs, La Salle University

"Thanks again for sharing your passion and expertise with our Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.  They loved you—I received several compliments about you, ‘the career happiness expert’!"  - Jodi Hammer, Career Development Specialist / RPCV Career Center Coordinator, Peace Corps, Office of Third Goal and Returned Volunteer Services

"Denise’s Career Happiness webinar was outstanding!   She grounded the conversation in facts and lifted us through inspiring stories.  With content tailored for our audience, she also provided specific resources, links & next steps that made the process feel attainable for everyone. I’d recommend these resources to anyone!”  - Mary Bruce, Co-Executive Director, AmeriCorps Alums

"I came to your positive psychology talk at NCDA back in July and it was absolutely inspiring. Your session was my own personal "keynote" as I had to catch a plane right afterward, and it was the perfect way to end the conference."  - Brie Reynolds,

"You really brought a strong positivity and enthusiasm to that space that was so invigorating and got me excited about my career and future for the first time in a while." - Kevin S.