Career Happiness Coaching Article Image
Career Happiness Coaching Article Image

Strategies for Facing the Fear of Not Being Enough, Wholebeing Institute, August 2017

Fifteen minutes into my presentation at the World Congress on Positive Psychology this summer, I felt off balance. I was speaking only from my head and not from my heart. Words were coming out, people were nodding, but my authenticity and connection were missing.  Read full article >

Making Piece with All Our Pieces, Wholebeing Institute, February 2016

​Four years ago, the man I was going to marry broke my heart, and I found myself virtually alone in a new town (one that I had moved to for him). Basic human functions like sleeping and eating felt unbearable. How could I even imagine showing up at work...  Read full article

Career Happiness Coaching Article Image
Career Happiness Coaching Article Image

Building a Community of Strengths Accomplices, Wholebeing Institute, January 2017

“She needs to stop raising her hand so much!” An elementary school teacher informed my friend’s dad that she should stop showing everyone that she knew all the answers. He was incensed. There was nothing wrong with his daughter...Read full article >

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Positive Prevention for the Assist Virus, Wholebeing Institute, April 2016

​The Assist Virus has reached epidemic levels. While highly contagious among young professionals, it has also been known to infect seasoned workers. Symptoms include temporary hearing loss when being praised, blindness to strengths, and...   Read full article > - Fun: The Dirty Three-Letter Word

AmeriCorps Alum Career Coach

Getting Back on the Court: How to Recover from Career Injuries, Wholebeing Institute, July 2016

I used to love playing tennis. In fact, I was a state doubles champion in high school (albeit in the tiny state of Delaware). Then, 15 years ago, a cross-country skiing accident shattered my elbow into “tiny little pieces,” to quote my surgeon. I’m left-handed, and I now... Read full article >

Part 1: Hitting Bankrupt: Careers and ‘Wheel of Fortune’,Wholebeing Institute, August 2016

Everyone thought a snake was in my tent when I ran out screaming. But it was only an e-mail, one that made it to my phone—even though we were in the bottom of the Grand Canyon—to inform me that I had been selected to audition for Wheel of Fortune...Read full article >

Having Fun with Failure, Wholebeing Institute, January 2016

I want to fail in 2016. Stumble, trip, fall, and maybe even be humiliated. Fail big and boldly.
What sparked this “career fail resolution”? Seeing extraordinarily talented clients beset by fear of failure. Watching students peer over the edge of the next career step...
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Wholebeing Institute Contributor: Recent Articles
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Four Practices for Building the Hope Muscle, Wholebeing Institute, November 2015

​​I just missed something big with a coaching client. I was blinded by my laser-focused “career action glasses,” and missed seeing that she lacked a belief in herself and her future.
She was a “good” client: She did all the career exploration activities...
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Career Happiness Coaching - Strategies for Facing the Fear of Not Being Enough
Career Happiness Coaching Article Image

​Denise is the AmeriCorps Alum Career Coach and has reached thousands of national service members and alumni through workshops, webinars and her Career Coach Column.  Additionally, she writes a regular blog for the Wholebeing Institute, an educational organization focusing on courses that help people live life to its fullest.  Denise applies a strength-based, positive psychology framework toward inspiring individuals to find career happiness. 

Facing Off with the Strength-Shaming Bullies, Wholebeing Institute, November 2016

Strength-Shaming Bullies are everywhere. They can be colleagues, bosses, teacher, friends, parents, strangers, and the media—but often the worst bully of all is the one that looks back at you in the mirror.  Read full article >

​Combating Career Shame with the ABCDE Model, Wholebeing Institute, December 2015

Career Shame hides in the shadows, lurking and taunting, until it can’t be ignored. It’s the nagging feeling that you’re not living up to your own potential. It’s the fear that peers are moving up while you’re being passed over. It’s a gnawing jealousy and a sense that...​​  Read full article >

Part 2: Hitting the Well-Being Jackpot, Wholebeing Institute, September 2016

“Please enter your travel dates.” I have ruminated incessantly about my failure to solve this puzzle when I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune this summer. If only I had figured it out, I would have won the trip, gone to the Bonus Round... Read full article >

Fun: The Dirty Three-Letter Word, Wholebeing Institute, March 2017

"I know this sounds childish, but I want a job that is fun.” My client was embarrassed to utter this “dirty” word during our career coaching session. Hearing the discomfort in his voice, I could feel my playful heart break. When did it become wrong to want to have fun at your job? Read full article >